The cement is for use in final cementations of implant

prosthesis, crown and bridges, inlays,onlays, veneers,

cementation of posts & pins and periodontal splinting

Benefits and Features 

• Quick Cementation

• Automix Handheld Syringe

a) Convenient, economical and especially useful for mulit.operatory practices.

b) No mixing, no air bubbles, no wasted material due to over mixing.

c) Ensures, predictable, accurate, consistent & homogeneous mix every time.

• Minimal Heat Generated Protects pulp

• Radiopaque Easy identification on x-rays

• Low Film Thickness Provides easy placement of crowns and bridges

• Fluoride Release Reduces secondary caries 

Technical Data

Composition Glass lonomer in Bis-GMA

based matrix of dental resins activator

, catalyst and pigments.

• Working time                 2 minutes

• Setting time                   5 minutes

• Compressive strength      266 MPa 

• Flexural strength              133 MPa 


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